Monday, May 30, 2022

The Merry Month Of May

I’m almost ready to start painting my mother’s office. And she asked me to weed and mulch her front garden, which I was happy to do. It looks spectacular and it made her so happy. Consequently I’m way behind on gardening. And my guest room? Fuggedaboutit. Just yesterday I fertilized and put compost on select roses and clematises, about a month late. Most of the roses this year are ginormous and the hydrangeas are looking more promising than I initially thought. The iris did well. Apparently I had divided the front ones, which is why last year's were sparse.  
I'll try to remove the last bit. Got a special primer also.

These are my Gramp's iris.

These came with the house; they were the owner's mother's.

Gramp's again. My fave color.

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