Saturday, November 16, 2019

Garden Party!

Our weather has been crazy--freezing cold, then horribly humid, a drought, then an incredible deluge.  So it was a wonderful surprise to have an absolutely picture-perfect beautiful day for our garden party yesterday.

I set the table with all the rose-covered china I had, and used pastels and pink as a color theme. The napkins tied with silvery pink ribbons were a hit with my nephew.  I think he was being facetious, but I forgave him.  After all, I let him and his dog, Abbott, come, even though it was a girls-only event.

 On the menu:  Sonoma chicken salad, fruit salad, croissants from the neighborhood French bakery, lemonade, and sour cream coffeecake.

Here are some late-spring garden scenes.
 These pink peonies were so heavy only the old recycle bin could hold them up.
 I find these white peonies positively luminescent.
 These purple iris were a big hit with my sister-in-law.


 As much as I love color everywhere, white in the garden is spectacular.
 These last few pictures make the back yard look like it's in the middle of a secluded woodland instead of a suburb.

While it's been a good year for blossoms, the rain pelted my iris, peonies, azaleas and roses.  In fact some iris and peonies lost their color due to all the rain.

Leaf Peeping in Vermont and New Hampshire

My sister decided on the spur of the moment that she wanted to go to Vermont a couple Saturdays ago so we all piled into my car and went all the way up the Quechee Gorge.  It was a bit cloudy and chilly but what beautiful scenery!  It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.  There is a bridge which spans the gorge and here are shots from both sides.

We also went to Woodstock, which was pretty crowded.  Here are both sides of a covered bridge, of which Vermont has the most in New England.

On the way home I took a wrong turn and we ended up in New Hampshire, where I believe these shots were taken.

 It's been wonderful this fall to enjoy the season, rather than stress about painting the house.  I have one coat of yellow left on the last side, which should only take a few hours.  Right now I'm working on replacing the trim pieces that had rotted, which has been a nightmare.  Another nightmare is rehanging my front door, after taking it down for painting.  Logic would tell you that if it fit before, it'll fit after painting.  But nooooo.  Nothing is easy in an old house, it seems!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Another Bobcat in My Yard

Yes, once again, the beast showed up, the Monday before Christmas.  The first time was during the porch rebuild in 2015: I was so nervous I forgot to take pictures.  This time it was to unclog the sewer.  It took two days, in the bitter cold.
Working way down in the street.
I had an "elbow" replaced in 2008 and at that time was told more work needed to be done due to tree roots encroaching the Y connector in the street.  They quoted a cheaper price than eight and a half years before.  They did not block off the street like they said they would in 2008, which would have added to the cost.  We have very little traffic on this short, narrow street; it is one-way coming from one end so that helps.  Mostly the traffic is from neighbors coming and going.  The job was done before my neighbors came home from work.

I had been stressing because the guy who came out initially told me several bushes would have to be moved.  I didn't know how they would survive the winter, plus I had just transplanted the dwarf blue spruce this fall and it didn't look so hot.  But fortunately only one small rosebush was in the way, and it's never been that great a performer anyway.

So now I can do my laundry with no fear of sewage backing up into the laundry sink, which really was quite disgusting.  I had put it off as long as I could.  It's no fun spending money on stuff you can't see, but peace of mind is a good thing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Fine Gardening

I submitted pictures of my gardens to Fine Gardening magazine. Here's the "Garden of the Day" feature!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

High Gardening Season

We had a very wet, cool start, although not as cold as last year.  Cold enough, though, to kill most of the buds on the white azalea. And wet enough to cause root rot on the peonies.  This is disheartening when you wait all year to see them.

The iris from my mother's garden bloomed this year; the light purple doesn't flop and the maroonish one was my grandfather's. I bought an Autumn Moon Japanese maple. Funny how when you go to plant something, the place you had in mind just doesn't work.
The maple is the orangey chartreuse plant.
I got rid of the dwarf evergreen; it just never looked good after the transplant. I transplanted two boxwood out back in its place; not sure if they'll live.  Ugh.  At least it's not my pretty Green Mountain box.  And the blue lacecap bloomed for the first time in a long time.  I have a few blooms on the macrophyllas, for which I'm grateful.  Last year was pretty much zero.
I have to finish transplanting stuff that I left last year - the Stella D'Oro daylily being crowded out by the Fairy Rose and the peach daylily being crowded out by the Tiger Eyes sumac. I also bought a white catmint, which I probably shouldn't have because I just read that they self-seed prolifically.

That's my Dusty in the background!

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Garden Goals

I'm not liking this trend toward superficial, rushed communication.  Twitter, Instagram, texting.  So I'll continue to use an "old-fashioned" medium like blogging.

We had a ton of rain last year and it really helped make things grow, including young and transplanted plants.  But I should have transplanted all four Green Velvet boxwood rather than one.  Also I need to move the peach daylily out from under the sumac.  This year I MUST NOT FORGET to prune the Pinky Winky, Strawberry Sundae, oakleaf and Invincibelle hydrangeas.  Pinky looks all kooky and straggly behind the beautiful baptisia foliage.
I'm pleased with the new garden (where the huge barberry tree was), although the ajuga groundcover obliterates the rock-framed border.
Ugh, I see plastic bags of leaf mold I didn't finish applying, and weeds.  Maybe my goal should be removing junk before I take pictures.  I dropped my camera once again and this time it was fatal.  I found taking pictures with it easier than with my phone.  I abandoned my weekly photo shoot after that.

Last year I bought amsonia Blue Ice, the things I've talked about before, Blue Billow hydrangea, Sunjoy Gold Pillar barberry, Sun King aralia, Sum and Substance hosta and Halcyon hosta, and maybe a few others I can't remember.  This year I'll buy an Autumn Moon Japanese maple to put at the corner of the deck near the new bed and maybe some lavender, but I can't think of anything else that's needed.  Maybe this will be the year I'll have the nerve to get rid of the struggling roses planted in my original garden in 2006.