Saturday, June 23, 2012

Living Room Before, During and After

This room is supposed to be the formal parlor; I originally used it as my dining room.  It's painted Behr Pale Daffodil.  I'll eventually repaint it Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow or Weston Flax (which is the color of the house, at least those parts I've repainted).  I also need to paint the ceiling and trim.  I'm guessing when I paint the trim I'll mess up the walls and I couldn't touch up the walls since I painted them almost six years ago.


These old houses are difficult to decorate what with all our modern STUFF.  I wanted a television in here but didn't have the room.

The previous owner had removed the door and part of the wall into the dining room.  There's also the arch into the adjacent parlor (to the right in the above picture).  These two rooms comprise a double parlor.  The first room you enter from the front entrance on the side would be considered the formal parlor in which to entertain guests, and on the other side of the arch would be the informal parlor where the family spent its time.  Yes, it might be nice to remove the arch and have one large room, but I really don't want to change the house that much.  The rooms are charming even if they're small.  I talked about this here.

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