Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm posting like a madwoman tonight!  I got out of work two hours early for the first time in years and years.  My boss said it was a Festivus Miracle (he's obsessed with Seinfeld).

I figured I'd take a picture of the tree (blue spruce) before I rip it down.  It's so big I can't wait to get rid of it.  I'll have to go back to my tall, skinny balsam firs.  When do you take your tree down?  We always took ours down on New Year's Day.  Oh, and those are the curtains I made last year.  Like the ones in the living room, I simply added onto the insulated curtains.  They're a very subtle white print on pale gray.  Yes, it's in keeping with my desire to use more neutrals.  When I get sick of the toile wallpaper I want to paint this room Stonington Gray.  I still love the paper, though, even though it's been up for seven years.

I wish you and yours a healthy, joyful New Year.  May we all be in God's will.

Good-bye 2013

Here's a yearly wrap-up of what's been accomplished or is new.

1.  Expanded two front gardens.  It looks so much better now that there's a more cohesive look.

2.  Created a shrub border (three hollies were there but lost in the weeds).  I finally figured out what to do with this weird piece of land (the alleyway).  I just have to be vigilant to keep it weed-free now.

3. Traveled to Litchfield County (a couple times), Bridge of Flowers (Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts), Maine, Vermont and Newport, Rhode Island. Went to a concert (Robin Mark!).

4.  Lost almost 20 pounds.  Had to change my diet due to multiple stomach issues.  Clean eating, baby!

5.  Did some fearless gardening.  Threw out many irises which didn't bloom, were in the way or flopped too much.  Moved things around and divided stuff.  I actually threw stuff away.  Yeah!

Autumn Goodness

Yes, I know this is late and it's now winter.  Just pretend it's late October/early November.  This fall got away from me.  I think it was because I came down with severe tendinitis and was laid up for about three weeks.  My body's falling apart.  Sigh.

It seems like an exceptionally long and beautiful fall this year.  Here are some gorgeous scenes from around the yard and neighborhood.

Japanese maple with spectacular color this year.
Pretty weed oak tree I may let grow.
New viburnum with pretty fall color.
Beautiful pink glow on my neighbor's house.
Looking up the small hill.
Nice color at the top of the big hill.
Unbelievable gorgeousness in my neighbor's yard.
Can you believe this morning glory is blooming in late October? It jumped over from my neighbor's front yard, from about THREE years ago! Plants really like my gardens cuz that happens a lot!
It looks blue but it's really purple.