Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Autumn Goodness

Yes, I know this is late and it's now winter.  Just pretend it's late October/early November.  This fall got away from me.  I think it was because I came down with severe tendinitis and was laid up for about three weeks.  My body's falling apart.  Sigh.

It seems like an exceptionally long and beautiful fall this year.  Here are some gorgeous scenes from around the yard and neighborhood.

Japanese maple with spectacular color this year.
Pretty weed oak tree I may let grow.
New viburnum with pretty fall color.
Beautiful pink glow on my neighbor's house.
Looking up the small hill.
Nice color at the top of the big hill.
Unbelievable gorgeousness in my neighbor's yard.
Can you believe this morning glory is blooming in late October? It jumped over from my neighbor's front yard, from about THREE years ago! Plants really like my gardens cuz that happens a lot!
It looks blue but it's really purple.

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