Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good-bye 2013

Here's a yearly wrap-up of what's been accomplished or is new.

1.  Expanded two front gardens.  It looks so much better now that there's a more cohesive look.

2.  Created a shrub border (three hollies were there but lost in the weeds).  I finally figured out what to do with this weird piece of land (the alleyway).  I just have to be vigilant to keep it weed-free now.

3. Traveled to Litchfield County (a couple times), Bridge of Flowers (Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts), Maine, Vermont and Newport, Rhode Island. Went to a concert (Robin Mark!).

4.  Lost almost 20 pounds.  Had to change my diet due to multiple stomach issues.  Clean eating, baby!

5.  Did some fearless gardening.  Threw out many irises which didn't bloom, were in the way or flopped too much.  Moved things around and divided stuff.  I actually threw stuff away.  Yeah!

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