Saturday, March 09, 2013

Dreaming of This


It's just a little hard to remember because we just got slammed with another foot and a half of snow.  This snowstorm was wet and heavy.  At my job 15 miles away there were only a few inches.  The high elevations got the most, and this is the hilltop, after all.

I'm so anxious to clean up my gardens.  I'm usually in a painting frenzy in the fall so I don't get around to the yard clean-up.  Plus last year I hurt my shoulder and was in physical therapy until July.  I wish I had taken more pictures because I divided and relocated some plants but don't remember the end result.  The exciting thing about gardening is that it changes every year.  Things grow, die and sometimes move around on their own, or due to animals.

Anyway, this year I'm very anxious for spring.  I think I want to buy more colored ceramic pots.  My mother beat me to it and already bought her pansies!  I just can't see the point until this snow is gone.  She was one of those who only got a few inches.