Thursday, November 09, 2017

Random Late Summer/Fall Stuff

With all the rain that we had the Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea grew to about six feet by six feet.  It was gorgeous, until it flopped when it got too heavy.

We went to White Flower Farm and it was beautiful as usual.
Their hydrangea droops too.

I want this sumac but I don't think I have any room left!
Beautiful cimicifuga.
The Lloyd Border.
Can you believe the size of this weeping beech tree?
My mother's town, South Windsor, has some lovely gardens.
The spiky bush is caryopteris.  I want it (of course).
Can't show you foliage in my yard because it hasn't change yet. Can you believe that? I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. Despite the angry people, violent manmade and natural disasters, national and international crises, there is so very much for which we can thank God.

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