Sunday, February 19, 2017

Winter 2017

Well, just as we thought we would escape any significant snow, we got slammed with a 17-inch blizzard.
The table on the deck.
Christmas lights under snow.
Mrs. Cardinal

This was February 9th, my sister's birthday.  We had a whopper of a blizzard on her birthday five years ago.  I believe she was born during a blizzard as well.  Then last Sunday we had an ice/sleet/rain/snow storm, but only got about three inches, thankfully.  We were sort of worried about ice dams with this much snow staying on the roof.  But this weekend it was in the 50's, with warm weather predicted for later in the week.

Come, Spring, come!

Friday, February 10, 2017

2016 Gardening Season

I went a little crazy buying plants, like maybe over 80?  I paid off the porch renovation so I had some extra dough.  It was a HOT and droughty summer.  I decided to renovate the back garden, which entailed much transplanting and new planting.  The watering was never-ending.

Back garden - bought four Green Mountain boxwood, Bagatelle Japanese barberry, baptisia, three Royal Candles veronica, Hansa rugosa rose, Jacob Cline echinacea; transplanted daisies to new patio garden; moved peach daylily, dark red peony, iris; threw out many irises and gave some to neighbors; moved Krossa Regal hosta from front border to in front of F. J. Grootendorst rose; moved plain hostas to woods or gave them to neighbors? (can't remember)

Shade garden - bought a variegated Solomon's Seal, three Golden Japanese forest grasses, Jack Frost brunnera, three blue creeping phlox, Gold Heart bleeding heart; moved yellow hosta to woods; transplanted a portion of the mock orange from the front border (where it was crowding a white peony)

Love this garden!

New front extended garden

New patio garden

Various other changes include transplanting a seedling wisteria from the porch garden to atop the stone wall above the new patio garden, near the birdhouse.  I also transplanted a Russian sage from the back garden next to the wisteria.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

My Latest New Garden

I decided the front yard look lopsided so I extended the garden all the way to the driveway.  I transplanted a plain hosta, daisies and phlox and bought an Orange Rocket barberry, Autumn Joy sedum, Hillside Black Beauty cimicifuga and Paul's Glory hosta.

Here's the beautiful barberry in her fall dress.
This garden was tough to finish due to the extreme heat and sod removal.  I spread the composted leaf bags left over from the back, so I'm really excited to see this garden pop up in a few short months.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Another Bobcat in My Yard

Yes, once again, the beast showed up, the Monday before Christmas.  The first time was during the porch rebuild in 2015: I was so nervous I forgot to take pictures.  This time it was to unclog the sewer.  It took two days, in the bitter cold.
Working way down in the street.
I had an "elbow" replaced in 2008 and at that time was told more work needed to be done due to tree roots encroaching the Y connector in the street.  They quoted a cheaper price than eight and a half years before.  They did not block off the street like they said they would in 2008, which would have added to the cost.  We have very little traffic on this short, narrow street; it is one-way coming from one end so that helps.  Mostly the traffic is from neighbors coming and going.  They were done before my neighbors came home from work.

I had been stressing because the guy who came out initially told me several bushes would have to be moved.  I didn't know how they would survive the winter, plus I had just transplanted the dwarf blue spruce this fall and it didn't look so hot.  But fortunately only one small rosebush was in the way, and it's never been that great a performer anyway.

So now I can do my laundry with no fear of sewage backing up into the laundry sink, which really was quite disgusting.  I had put it off as long as I could.  It's no fun spending money on stuff you can't see, but peace of mind is a good thing.