Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dining Room Before, During and After

This room gets good light.  It faces west.  I'll be painting it Benjamin Moore Salisbury Green hopefully this winter, if my shoulder holds out.  I can't wait to paint that ugly yellow crown molding.  The closet will be a bear to paint.  I'm going to paint it white so I won't have to paint it if I change wall colors again.  This is when I moved in.  Check out that paper lantern light!  This is looking towards the office, into which the previous owner had cut a pass-through.  I originally used this room as the living room.

I've shown my dining room previously here but with the table and chairs placed horizontally in the room.

This was the view from the office.

 My brother-in-law installed the ceiling fan.  Now that I've switched rooms I'd like a chandelier in here.  This room is very country, no?  Since I can't justify getting rid of my expensive furniture, I guess I'll just hope that it comes back in style.

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