Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Office Before, During and After

Here's my little office.  It's great that this room has two windows.  Love that the house is so light and bright.  I switched out a tiny, dinky stupid light fixture for this gorgeous antique schoolhouse light.  I think I'll be painting this room Hollingsworth Green to match the (future) Salisbury Green in the adjacent dining room.  I'll paint the closet white.  I still kinda like the Antique Lilac by Devoe, though.

The previous owner had created a desk, which I dismantled after a year.  I also removed the folding door, and had white oak laid over the "sub-floor" in the closet.  The floor previously was stained dark.  The armoire used to hold a television (read the saga here).  Unfortunately, this becomes my junk room--where I stash stuff I don't know what to do with or don't have time to deal with.  I guess that's why this is the only picture I have of this room when I moved in.

You can see the difference in the flooring here.

Check out that 1980's phone!

Other than my bathroom, which awaits the installation of a sash (now curing), this completes the first floor reveal!  The two bedrooms upstairs are most definitely not ready for prime time.

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