Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Miss Cottage Living

Cottage Living magazine's first issue was September/October 2004.  It featured mostly casual, vintage-y types of smallish homes and gardens.  The last issue was November/December 2008, a victim of this horrendous depression.

Heather Chadduck worked for that magazine.  From what I gathered she was a single gal who DIY'd a rundown cottage in Texas.  Cottage Living spotted her place and did a photo shoot.  Here's some of it.
Country living room

Heather's kitchen looking into living room

Then they hired her and she moved to Alabama and renovated a Mediterranean cottage, below.

I like her style because she mixes the old with the new.  I like the greens, blues and creams that she uses, and that the colors flow throughout the spaces.  She fixes up crummy-looking houses and breathes new life into them.  What could be better than that?

These images are from the photo shoots in Cottage Living.

The full article on her Texas cottage is here, plus an additional picture of the front of the house.


Anonymous said...

I loved that magazine, thanks for the reminder.

Durf said...

Why, oh why, can't it come back?

An Urban Cottage said...

I just found out they still put out a few special issues a year. I'm not sure if they're in supermarkets but probably in larger bookstores and I've been meaning to look on Amazon. I just did an interview for an article that's supposed to be in the Fall/Winter issue. It was news to me it was still around.

But I'm with you. I wish it were still around. Have you looked at Country Living lately? They're doing a pretty nice job.

Durf said...

Wow, that is great news! I'll search for it this weekend.

Laurel said...

I loved that magazine. In fact, I still hoard about a year's worth in a box up on our third floor. It was such a fabulous go-to reference! Thanks for the reminder!

Laurel @ SoPo Cottage