Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Great Mini-Vacation

Last August a friend asked me at the last minute if I wanted to go to the Martha's Vineyard Campground Cottage Tour.  Um, that would be a YES!  These gingerbread cottages are in a town called Oaks Bluff.  In the 1800's Methodists would hold revivals in tents, and eventually built cottages.  We took the high-speed ferry from Rhode Island and dragged our luggage many blocks from the port to this lovely bed and breakfast, the Narragansett House.  It's only the second bed and breakfast I ever stayed at, being an extreme introvert and all.

 The cottages and gardens are truly lovely.

 I took the picture above for Kathy because she loves all things purple, is usually adorned all in purple, apartment is furnished in mostly purple and used to drive a purple car.  My anecdotal research shows that purple lovers are kind, generous, giving and thoughtful.

We took a shuttle all over the island and visited the Polly Hill Arboretum.  Breathtaking houses and gardens all over this island!  Such unbelievable wealth.


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