Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Changes in the Garden

This has been the year of change. First, the front garden got so overcrowded I semi-abandoned it. The pathway was impassable. So I transplanted the Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea to the new shrub border and threw away my mom's purple hydrangea. I think it was one of those "gift" hydrangeas that are meant for one-time bloom. It never got more than five flowers so it didn't warrant a prime real estate spot.
This year, a stellar year for hydrangeas, it produced only one bloom.

I also divided and replanted five hostas. The side yard received four hostas, including one from my mother's garden.  I moved most of the heliopsis to the left of the large butterfly bush because it was crowding the rose and Russian sage.  I've just decided this afternoon to move the heuchera to the side yard because it failed to thrive; perhaps it gets too much sun.  The fairy rose that never bloomed got replaced by White Flower Farm and planted in front of the large butterfly bush.  The old one went atop a stone wall behind the butterfly bush.  It's getting one more chance to bloom next year.

This year the Pinky Winky hydrangea seemed to  really be recovering from an unfortunate Roundup overspray accident back in 2008.  I'm glad I was patient.  Here it is in its fall color.
 I thought I 'd get a jump on next year's project, the side yard, and went to my favorite local garden center to see what shrub would work in shade.  The surfer-type dude suggested a viburnum.  What's not to love at 40 percent off?  I realized that there was a sunny spot next to the bottom steps, and also room for more shrubs.  Here come more hydrangeas on my wishlist--Blue Billow, Limelight, Royal Purple and Bombshell.  Surfer dude said they stock them all but I should come in April before they sell out.

All in all it was a decent gardening year.


Love this contrast of textures.

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