Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Indomitable Dr. Huey

I've written about my "heritage garden" here.  One of the mystery plants that I transplanted was a rose that my mother thought was a David Austin but she couldn't remember which one.  She thought she bought it at K-Mart.  Here's what the poor thing looked like after transplanting.  Mind you, this was two years ago when we had an excruciatingly hot, dry summer.
Yes, it's that stick behind the lamb's ear to the right of the birdbath.  Those are Bonica roses to the right of the stick. When my mother would visit she would look at the rose and tell me it's dead.  "No, look, it's finally got a new leaf on it!"  I wouldn't give up.  It grew towards the end of August after all my watering, and I believe it threw out a basal break.  Here it is last year, after a year in the ground.

I had so looked forward to seeing what kind of lovely David Austin rose this was, but, by George, it's Dr. Huey!  Dr. Huey is a vigorous, hardy climber that is used as the root onto which more delicate roses are grafted.  You probably see a lot of these in your neighborhood.  They're what's left after the grafted rose dies.

This is Dr. Huey this year--strong, healthy and vigorous.  I bought a trellis because he really wants to climb.  I don't think this trellis is going to be tall enough, so I found one at Lowe's I'll use instead and use this one for my Abraham Darby out back that really wants to climb.

Dr. Huey is awesome.

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