Sunday, January 31, 2016

Early Valentine's Day Dinner, Bluebloods Edition

My lovely sister got a brand-new kitchen right before Thanksgiving and decided that, starting in January, we would take turns hosting Sunday dinners a la Blueboods.  Today was my turn; I made Martha Stewart's mother's meatloaf, salad, Italian bread (Big Y), a macaroni and cheese recipe from Martha's website (my niece has decided to go vegetarian again), and chocolate mousse cake.  Since I'm competitive and knew I couldn't top my sister's delicious spread last week, I focused on the table setting - pink and white.  The pale pink tablecloth was my paternal (and beloved) grandmother's.  I unearthed it while decluttering my mother's dining room and she gave it to me.

Can you believe I've never made meatloaf and mac and cheese?  I like to entertain but don't do it often.  It was about 60 degees today, unbelievably beautiful.
This room gets great light this time of year.
The china is a bone china set my maternal grandmother bought for me when I was little.  Remember when grocery stores would sell sets piece by piece?  It's pink and grey and Japanese looking.
The stainless steel cutlery is a rose pattern given by my grand aunt.

They're on Etsy. You can find anything on the internet.