Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kitchen Backsplash

Well, here's one project I finally completed. When I went to paint the kitchen the summer after I moved in, I discovered that underneath the shelf paper (!) on the backsplash was plywood. Interesting. I removed that and found half plaster and half sheetrock. I can assure you it was a bear to spackle the two together. I got so sick of that job that, as you can see, I did it quite sloppily. The main goal was to git 'er done, so I hung the two spice racks and the tiles left by the previous owner in order to camouflage the bumpiness. I had to hang the spice racks high because that's where the sheetrock portion is, and I didn't think the plaster could take the weight. I have trouble with plaster. I just learned how to hang pictures without creating enormous holes. I was previously screwing screws into the wall. I broke two plates and chipped a beautiful picture of my great grandmother and her sisters. Then I learned it's all in the angle. All you have to do is buy those picture hangers for the appropriate weight. Duh.

I also realized that the back of the cabinets were plaster, not wood, so I painted them. The color of the kitchen is a bit of a disappointment. It had more blue in it when I tried it in the living room. I was going for a bit of a retro look, trying to match Jadeite pottery, but of course I picked too bright a color (like always). It's a little too mint chocolate chip ice cream-like for me. I still have trouble picking colors. I now know to pick the color above the one on the chart or else it will be too bright and/or dark.

I guess I justify my crummy job by thinking that I'll eventually change the backplash, anyhoo, when I re-do the kitchen. I can't wait to change the 1980's greige countertop and trim paint.

I'm determined to strip all the woodwork, beadboard, cabinets and at least one window in this room this winter. I think I'd get a lot more done if it didn't make such a mess. It's hard to live, never mind entertain, when everything's in disarray.

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