Friday, April 18, 2014

Yikes, I'm famous, sorta!

The post about practical decorating from January was quoted in Hooked on Houses on my blogroll). It was about what I consider absurd ideas about decorating. Oh, and I can add another. When I bought this house the wood floor in the office was stained a dark color. Are you kidding me? Every speck of dust shows up. I learned that old houses are very dusty, what with the cracks and crevices and all. Do you seriously want to vacuum DAILY? I didn't have that problem in my previous abodes (a 1960's apartment in a brick building and a two-year-old condo in a big two-story building).

Anyway, thanks, Julia, for including me.  I feel honored to be mentioned with a couple of legendary bloggers!

Here's a crummy scanned-in picture of the office when I first moved in.  Can you see the dust on the floor??!!

The date indicates when it was scanned.  I did such a bad job you can see the overturned page with writing on it.  Classy.