Friday, April 18, 2014

Yikes, I'm famous, sorta!

The post about practical decorating from January was quoted in Hooked on Houses on my blogroll). It was about what I consider absurd ideas about decorating. Oh, and I can add another. When I bought this house the wood floor in the office was stained a dark color. Are you kidding me? Every speck of dust shows up. I learned that old houses are very dusty, what with the cracks and crevices and all. Do you seriously want to vacuum DAILY? I didn't have that problem in my previous abodes (a 1960's apartment in a brick building and a two-year-old condo in a big two-story building).

Anyway, thanks, Julia, for including me.  I feel honored to be mentioned with a couple of legendary bloggers!

Here's a crummy scanned-in picture of the office when I first moved in.  Can you see the dust on the floor??!!

The date indicates when it was scanned.  I did such a bad job you can see the overturned page with writing on it.  Classy.


Hartwood Roses said...

I found you from Hooked on Houses and comments on Urban Cottage, and now you're on my blogroll. It's always nice to play along with other old house people ... kind of like a support group.

Dark floors? No thank you. I spent three days last week getting our daughter's house ready for sale. She has dark hardwood floors and I think I wore out the swiffer trying to get the dust and fuzz off of them. I was telling my husband just the other day that I'm glad I fought with the floor refinisher and insisted that our pine floors be only varnished and not stained.

Durf said...

Dear Hartwood,
Seems like we're kindred souls. Good decision on your floors. I went natural as well with the white oak on my first floor. I'm thinking of using tung oil on the upstairs pine. I'll be sure to post (if I ever get around to it). How are the roses coming along? Most of mine have leaves, at least, but a lot of die-back.

An Urban Cottage said...

I chuckled when I saw that last week. I thought you knew about it. I loved that post too--it was charmingly cranky--so it's no surprise it got attention. Perhaps it's an angle that will bring great fame.

Durf said...

Well at least I have no delusions that my house will end up in a national publication!

Happy Easter.