Friday, July 03, 2015

Garden's Looking Decent

The roses aren't their best, but there's not as much dieback as last year.  I'm also thrilled to have many hydrangea blossoms, even if they're small.  The only problem is the oakleaf, which hasn't bloomed since I planted it last spring.
Overwintered geraniums.

Love this Blue Billow lacecap hydrangea.
Plectranthus, salmon double impatiens, sweet potato vine; oxalis overwintered in pot.  

Shade garden.
June hosta, my fave.
Peach-colored daylily.
Still haven't painted the new porch floor!

Love the Fairies.
My Endless Summer hydrangea had a baby, which is mostly purply-pink.
Love this half-lilac/half-blue hydrangea.


Jan Hunyady said...

June Fever and First Frost are great hostas, too.

Durf said...

Thanks for the tip! The June and Stained Glass are the first I ever bought. There's a great nursery a few towns away that has a lot of them ( Are you anywhere near Deborah Silver's place? I want to drive there over a long weekend someday.