Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Goals for 2016

Finish guest room.  I have more confidence now that I've completed the living room.  I have to figure out the paint color, also.  I had planned on Benjamin Moore Silver Mist but now am thinking maybe soft aqua or turquoise, a grayed down version. I have no idea which ones.  Sigh.  Color is so hard.

Install tiny triangle of siding at top of front of house.  I've already painted it (I went to install it but realized I needed my 40-foot ladder and just wasn't up to dragging it out).

Get new gutters for porch and back of house.  I get so much water on my brand-new porch it's ridiculous.  I think my contractor didn't slant it enough, even though I told him to.

Finish last small spot of painting in awkward area above the deck.  This has to be done before the gutters go up so I don't ruin them while painting.

Finish touch-ups on northern side of house.

Figure out how to fix broken step on side of house.  The metal strap thingy has rusted and broken.

Devise a landscape plan for in front of the porch.  It's a clean slate but I can't make up my mind what I want to do.  A dwarf ornamental tree?  A fountain with boxwood surrounding it?  Hydrangeas?  Roses?  Perennial garden?  I have to be able to use a ladder in this area for ice dams on the porch and painting and such.

Finally re-install arbor in back garden.  This was taken down in the summer of 2014 for the porch renovation.

Affix trellises to shed. I like to say "affix." It's one of Martha Stewart's oft-used words.

Figure out what to plant on top of the stone walls.

Make sure to plant many, many spring bulbs.

And, finally, as always - have perfectly groomed, weed-free, watered, mulched, fertilized, deadheaded gardens at all times.

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