Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I bought my house on June 7, 2005 and vowed not to make any changes until I'd been there a year so I could live in it and figure out what was needed to make it comfortable and workable. Unbelievably, a year has passed. I've started painting the interior. The house has 17 windows and gets a lot of light, so it has become apparent that I need to use stronger colors than the pastels I had initially chosen. Since my time is limited I've only gotten my bedroom, office and office closet finished. The parlor has been primed, but my attempt at wallpapering was stymied either by my limited experience or the walls being very out of plumb. The plaster walls are in pretty good shape (except for the closets) and just needed some sanding and spackling. Right now I'm working on removing very old wallpaper (the house was built around 1875) from a portion of the living room which was made into a closet. Then I'll have my first real attempt at a skim coat for the bumpy plaster.

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