Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oops, I Accidentally Created An Ice Sculpture

Since we had about a month of above-average temperatures, I've continued with my yard work which I never finished this fall. Last Saturday was 72 degrees! I just love those El Nino weather patterns. Sunday I decided to utilize my fire permit and started a nice fire to burn up my huge piles of yard waste. I haven't been around fires since I was a child and had forgotten how hot they get, and how underneath the ashes, things are still burning. Anyway, the fire had been burning for a few hours when it was time to finish due to the time constraints of the permit. I was concerned that the fire wasn't completely out even after I had doused it with water, so I left the hose hanging on a forsythia bush (that's the curly blue thing in the picture) while I went to visit my mother. I thought it would be convenient if the fire needed some more water when I returned, or my neighbor saw the fire starting up again. When I returned a few hours later I checked the backyard and saw that the fire was still out. I guess I forgot to turn off the water.

Monday it rained a lot and was still fairly warm. Tuesday it got colder, enough to have to scrape my car windshield. Wednesday morning I happened to look out back and saw this lovely landscape.

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