Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What, me worry?

This is why I worry. I was scheduled yesterday to have flooring installed in a closet, then get everything but the kitchen and bathroom on the first floor sanded and a first coat of oil-based polyurethane. My three cats, who are my very precious babies, were in the basement, all snug with their beds, food and water.

I get home from work to take a look at the progress and check on the cats. The basement door is open, and I can't see any cats down there. The light near the electric panel is on. I start calling for them, but don't see or hear them. I go upstairs, which is extremely hot due to a heat wave we're having, and Carly, my big tortoise girl, comes out. I grab her, she's trying to escape by clawing at the quilts on the banister on the way down, but I win the battle and put her downstairs. I see Rudy, the huge stray tomcat I adopted, downstairs. I guess he'd been hiding. But where's Lucy, my orange tabby?

So I called my flooring lady who said there would be no reason for the guys to have gone downstairs. I called my mother and asked if she went over to my house. She said no. Could it have been a would-be burglar (I left the basement door unlocked)? The only other person who has a key is my sister, who was in Minnesota at the time. Should I call the police? My flooring lady called me back, at which time I discovered my wanderer, Lucy the orange tabby, hanging out on the wall near the wisteria, very nonchalantly. She really has the old wanderlust in her, plus is not inclined to interrupt a nap to respond to my frantic calls.

Meanwhile I've worked up a horrendous sweat and much anxiety. Didn't the workers notice cats dashing out the door? Why didn't they bother to mention it? This is why I wanted to be present when they arrived but didn't find out until the last minute what time they'd be there. Isn't coordination the job of the flooring lady? Why do I have to manage the world? Am I overreacting and being unreasonable?

This is why I worry. And I'd be really ticked if it weren't for the fact that my floors look absolutely FABULOUS!

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Fargo 1928 said...

Oh, floors are scarry! I'm really nervous about refinishing mine.

So far all I've done to refinish the doors has been to use a heat gun and a scraper. I tried/failed with a chemical stripper last night to get the residual paint out of the crevaces and cracks in the door, but I figure I can finish it off with a light sanding and the paint should disappear. If you don't have one yet, I'd reccommend buying a heat gun for paint stripping. I got mine on sale for $30. Best money I've ever spent!