Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It Tried to Snow

It tried to snow yesterday.  Basically it was about an inch.  I didn't even shovel.  Maybe it'll be like the winter of 2007 when I refused to shovel (we didn't get much snow then, either).

So in honor of our beautiful, warm, snow-less, el Nina winter, I'll show you pictures from last year's horrible winter.  The misery cannot be contained in these images.  Just trust me, may I never see that much snow again, ever.

It was actually scary, like it would never stop snowing.  And when would it ever melt?  I remember in March when it was warm enough that the snow started melting all night long.  Joy!

Driving was a nightmare.  Multiple-lane roads became single-lane.  Pulling out of a shopping center became dangerous because snow piles were over ten feet high and you couldn't see the traffic.  One night coming home from work I couldn't find a street that my car was capable of driving on.  I kept driving around until I found a suitable route to my street.  One morning I went flying off the icy stone step of my front porch and smacked my shoulders and back.  I couldn't have company until March because my street had become so very narrow that there was nowhere to park.


Look at the size of this icicle!


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