Friday, February 24, 2012

Renovating and the Environment

This is a lead paint chip from my stairway.  It's thick and brittle.  I've been able to scrape off a lot of thick paint on my trim with a spackling knife.  Due to what I've read about lead paint, asbestos, and chemicals, I was concerned about my exposure.  So I was tested for lead paint.  Nada, nilch, zero.  I also asked about the effect of removing asbestos shingles from my house.  My doctor said not a problem, unless there's years of exposure.  My brother the R.N. and a Health Department person said lead paint isn't a problem unless you eat it.  I also read that asbestos shingles are typically mostly cement.

So I guess that while I'm concerned about these things, my philosophy is moderation in all things, including moderation.  It's too heartbreaking for me to see devastation to my Oriental lilies and roses not to spray sometimes.  I don't like to, and don't very often, but I will, in moderation.  I get ticked thinking about inconsiderate people who bring in insects from other countries like red lily beetles that devastate lilies.

I have a rose (bought at a famous Connecticut nursery) that came infected with rose midge.  I've never had rose midge on any of my other 14 roses, so I was ticked when this nursery wouldn't give me a replacement or refund.  I'm determined to finally get some blooms on this rose by persistent, devastating drenching of toxic chemicals on this rose.  I just haven't been consistent in the past trying to get rid of those fierce little buggers.  This will be the year!

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