Sunday, May 06, 2012

First Iris

My first iris popped out today.  It's one of the ones I transplanted two years ago from the row in my front garden.  I fertilized the front and back and planted two planters and the impatiens in the front.

I also sprayed my Fairy rose again to rid it of the dreaded rose midge, which has prevented me from seeing any significant bloom.  The first spray was on April 21, when my mother arranged a "donate an hour" gardening session among my family members.  I have bone spurs on my shoulder and am in physical therapy three times a week for an hour.  It's helping but it's still hard to put in a good day's work of gardening or cleaning.  Plus it doesn't help that we're at least two weeks ahead of schedule due to our mild spring.

Here's the front azalea:

And the Blaauw's Pink azalea in the back.
And here's a beautiful pink parrot tulip with green stripes.  Lovely.

The wisteria is a little sparse this year.  Did I prune it too late?  Too little?  For heaven's sake, that thing is high maintenance!

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