Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Last Little Bit

I finished  removing shingles, aluminum trim and nails on the west side.  Below are shots of the kinds of things that are underneath.  I think it's some kind of insect nesting material.

 Can you see the shutter ghosts below?  That's the kitchen window through the forsythia.  The lower window is in the walk-out portion of the basement, above the dryer.
This is above the porch.  I had to remove these shingles because the roof is being replaced this week.

I was scared to climb onto the roof so my sister and nephew stayed with me.  But it was a cinch because the roof is quite flat.  It was hard getting into the corner that meets the higher roof, though.  It was one of those times that a few more inches in height would have come in handy.
 This is the only spot on the whole house where I've found rot.  I'll have to replace the side and bottom trim pieces.

I washed this side down with a hose.  Can you tell the difference?  It was filthy.

The view to my neighbor's beautiful burning bush.

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