Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Here are some Christmas decoration shots.  I removed garlands from the tree since it seems that that is no longer in style.


The parlor is so small I can't keep the television out of the shot.

 I finally hung curtains in the living room.  I love them!  I had bought the insulated tab top curtains from Country Curtains when there was curtain hardware on the window frame, so they fell just above the sill.  I decided I wanted floor-length curtains like I put in the kitchen.  Then Ikea stopped selling that length, so my brilliant mother suggested that I add fabric to the bottoms.

 I think the new fabric looks kind of like Sarah Richardson's beautiful headboard in her farmhouse.  It's kind of a gray-blue with taupe and gold flowers which goes well with the sage sofa.  The Edgecomb Gray I plan to paint should really complement everything.

I bought curtain rods from Home Depot with pretty finials but the rod would move when I closed the curtains.  I initially bought these tab tops to help with the chill of winter so they needed to be functional.  I decided to go with the simple metal return rods that I used in the kitchen.

The other dilemma was how to install the rods.  I made a big hole in the wall because I think my drill bits are too dull.  Finally, they went in smoothly in those nasty plaster walls.  I also didn't know where to hang the rods.  Everyone says high and wide but I don't like the look of curtain rods to the ceiling, plus they're already almost nine feet high so I don't need to fake height.  I'm basically satisfied with where they are.  The rods above the radiator are wider to accommodate its width.  The other window is close to the door so I needed to leave some space.  Did you notice that the windows are different heights?  The window in the second picture is lower to the floor.  It looks out onto the porch.  Nothing is easy, is it?

Of course now I can't stand that yellow paint.  I just may have to bump up this room on the painting schedule.  I also have to move those oval pictures and the clock.  Yeah, just add it to my list.


An Urban Cottage said...

Your parlor is absolutely adorable!

Durf said...

Thanks very much!