Saturday, July 06, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Hope you're having a great Independence Weekend, and are giving thanks for the vast freedom and security we have, especially in comparison to places like the Middle East.  (I choose to ignore the NSA temporarily.)

I attempted more pictures using the fireworks setting, but I'm not sure I'm any better at it than last year, but at least they're interesting shapes.

  I decided this year that we would celebrate holidays with a cookout on my sister's fabulous deck, which her husband built.  It's been brutally hot and humid the past few days but we managed to pull it off on Thursday.  Since I love to bake I'm always assigned the desserts.  Please make this raspberry rhubarb pie.  You'll thank me later.  It's from Martha's Pies and Tarts cookbook, which I love.  The crust is glazed with an egg/heavy cream mixture.  The linked recipe is a tad different than in the book.

Stay cool!

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