Saturday, May 31, 2014

Public Enemy No. 1

 Creepy-looking, no?  This is the reason my garden basically consists of roses, hydrangeas and lilies.  Mrs. Woodchuck dug a big hole in my new shrub border and I was thinking of trapping her after she ate phlox in the front garden.

Then Saturday I looked out the window and saw . . .

Three little baby woodchucks!

They looked like rabbits from afar.

This guy's standing on his hind legs munching weeds.

This last little bugger climbed the peegee hydrangea tree then swung down like a koala bear and landed on his butt.  So cute!

UNTIL, I saw they ate my rose campion and I once again contemplated hiring a hitman.  Grrrr.


Hartwood Roses said...

Too bad groundhogs are so destructive, because they sure are cute ... the babies especially.

Wait a few months until they are weaned and ready for life on their own, THEN trap their little furry butts. After you're certain that they are gone, fill in that hole before more groundhogs take up residence.

Durf said...

Ugh. Someone's eating the hostas. I'm thinking it's the babies because it's the edges now, not the tops. I'll have to figure out when I can trap them.

An Urban Cottage said...

They're kinda cute. But I don't blame you, I'd be pissed if something was eating away at my garden.

Durf said...

Yeah, I have to figure this out. The woodchuck population is getting out of control.