Saturday, February 02, 2019

Garden Goals

I'm not liking this trend toward superficial, rushed communication.  Twitter, Instagram, texting.  So I'll continue to use an "old-fashioned" medium like blogging.

We had a ton of rain last year and it really helped make things grow, including young and transplanted plants.  But I should have transplanted all four Green Velvet boxwood rather than one.  Also I need to move the peach daylily out from under the sumac.  This year I MUST NOT FORGET to prune the Pinky Winky, Strawberry Sundae, oakleaf and Invincibelle hydrangeas.  Pinky looks all kooky and straggly behind the beautiful baptisia foliage.
I'm pleased with the new garden (where the huge barberry tree was), although the ajuga groundcover obliterates the rock-framed border.
Ugh, I see plastic bags of leaf mold I didn't finish applying, and weeds.  Maybe my goal should be removing junk before I take pictures.  I dropped my camera once again and this time it was fatal.  I found taking pictures with it easier than with my phone.  I abandoned my weekly photo shoot after that.

Last year I bought amsonia Blue Ice, the things I've talked about before, Blue Billow hydrangea, Sunjoy Gold Pillar barberry, Sun King aralia, Sum and Substance hosta and Halcyon hosta, and maybe a few others I can't remember.  This year I'll buy an Autumn Moon Japanese maple to put at the corner of the deck near the new bed and maybe some lavender, but I can't think of anything else that's needed.  Maybe this will be the year I'll have the nerve to get rid of the struggling roses planted in my original garden in 2006.

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