Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sewing a Table Runner from Vintage Handkerchiefs

I've had beautiful handkerchiefs from my maternal grandmother for years.  I'd planned on sewing them onto pillows but found this project.  I haven't sewn since the eighth grade.  I'm just overwhelmed at the thought because I can never get the machine to work.  So with help from my mother the seamstress here it is:


Look, I staged it like Country Living!

The hardest part was getting the machine to stop jamming the bobbin (operator error).  Then it was hard to coordinate the hankie placement by color.  All in all, I'm extremely pleased that I've overcome my terror of sewing and found a use for the hankies.  Now on to pillow covers!


Jayne said...

Great vintage hankies! What a nice way to get them out of a drawer where you can admire them every day.

Durf said...