Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bridge of Flowers

I've been a bad blogger. There've been a lot of things to say but no motivation to post. I've been in somewhat of a funk. I had planned on painting the porch this summer and doing some repairs, but per usual it's taken a lot more time than I anticipated. So I was finally at a point to start when I discovered that one of the footings had broken in half. The repairs will be astronomical, why I'm not sure.

Anyway, in July we went to this gorgeous place in the Berkshires in a village called Shelburne Falls. I believe Bill Cosby lives there. It's beautiful in every season, and well-maintained. It was built in 1908 as a trolley bridge.
There was construction going on.
The color of this delphinium is incredible.
I believe this is the town of Buckland.

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