Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Have a Porch!

Now I have to prime and paint, clean the posts, repaint what got trashed and have Home Depot figure out why my new porch roof leaked, wrecking the ceiling.
Oh, and we have to figure out the railings, skirt and leveling the granite slab.  And when I say "we" I mean Ken, the contractor.

I love the decking; its Douglas Fir tongue and groove.  Ken says to stain it because it's pretty.  I can appreciate that but I've always had a vision of gray painted flooring.  What to do?  Please give me your opinion.  I've even considered using a stain to avoid peeling.  Booma the paint guy said I'd still have to prime if I used a stain.  

I miss my wisteria.  Here's a neighbor's:

And this is what I look at across the street:
Looks like it was a very good year. I don't see any trace of mine. All my bulbs disappeared as well, save for a grape hyacinth, a daffodil that didn't bloom and a small patch of Dutch iris.

Give me ideas about the flooring, OK?  I have to finish it before Ken can install the railings.


Anonymous said...

Stain it grey. That is what I plan to do with mine. Why would you have to prime to stain?

Durf said...

My latest paint expert at another Ben Moore store said a stain would need to be done every year, as opposed to painting it (they recommended California Paints, and no primer needed). The color expert there agreed with me that it would be more historically accurate to paint it gray.