Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas Preparations

First off, I hate Instagram!  My phone is too small and it's difficult to post.  Why in the world can we do that online?  Sheesh.

My stollen is in the oven.  I used the Martha Stewart recipe where you braid it instead of the wreath I made two years ago.  I think it's the same ingredients.  Labor intensive but delicious.  I started at 9 this morning and it's 1:49 p.m. now.  I'm watching this woman called Delia from England.  I guess she's their Martha. I like this Christmas special.

My pictures are all hung in the dining room.  It was torture as I knew it would be torturous to hang the rose pictures.  But the other ones I just eyeballed and are fine.

I wonder when I'll get around to finishing the closet.
We've gotten so many cookie deliveries at work that I don't even feel like baking.  Can't decide what I want to make.  Maybe fudge and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  I'm going to make Fluffy Cheesecake (two) for Christmas Day dinner.

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