Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Spring Is Coming!

It's been a relatively mild winter with little snow, some cold days and no frozen pipes!  Daffodil shoots have already poked up as well as at least one crocus's blades that I saw.

I'm anxiously anticipating this spring and remembering the massive amount of changes I made last year, mostly involving moving things.  I'm remembering that I moved the big Stella d'Oro daylily and the peach one from the back garden to beside the front walkway, giving that area some definition since the Livin' Easy rose died.  I also cut the catmint way back in that area since it had taken over.

Near the driveway I moved most of the beautiful purple and white irises and transplanted two veronica from the back, where they were not doing well amidst the ivy groundcover.  I also bought an agastache and transplanted a large sedum from back to join the one I planted when I made this garden.  I moved the hosta to the shade garden because it would get crispy.  If I had any phlox left I got rid of that and maybe the daisies as well?  Oops, can't remember.  I transplanted a couple (?) daylilies from my mom's old garden to the strip between my neighbor and me. I also took some iris from my mom and put it in the Heritage Garden and in front of the small Blue Billow hydrangea.  I'm not sure if this is the year that the knockout rose died but it is most sincerely dead now.  I transplanted a piece of the big hydrangea in front to the smaller one on the side.  I think I transplanted the daisies in front where the rose was.
The pretty iris.

I bought a white catmint to put near the Blue Billow hydrangea in the front yard.

In the stone wall garden I moved the large hosta to under the Japanese maple and bought a caryopteris.  I also bough a Japanese maple, ironweed and a Purple Dome aster to go here.  I can't remember if I removed any foxglove.

I moved two boxwood from the back to the porch garden. And moved the helleborus from between the arborvitae to the other side of the sidewalk.

In other categories, I finally put stone dust in between the cracks in the walkway.  Now hopefully I won't have to weed there.  During my manic, sleepless, prednisone-fueled spell I actually finally made a stone staircase into the alley garden out back.  Hopefully it hasn't moved much.

I think that's all but I'll find out soon!

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