Monday, July 06, 2020


I love these so much.  I loved them before it was cool to love them.  I loved them so much I bought my mother one to plant because I didn't own any land.  The macrophyllas haven't bloomed, except for a few blooms, in five years so this year I am thrilled to see them.  Although, they seem very pale this year, and the Endless Summer is going lilac.  Here are babies from other hydrangeas.  They've never bloomed.  They're very pale in color.
This is Endless Summer, my first ever hydrangea, planted in 2016. It's trending lilac.
This is Blue Bird. Or Blaumeister. There were two tags with it, I think from Home Depot.
Blue Billow out back:
Blue Billow in the front yard:
I'm thinking the Rozanne geranium is distracting.  Hmm.

I've already decided that the Strawberry Sundae hydrangea was a very dumb choice for the side garden.  It is huge this year.  It is the sister of that monster, Vanilla Strawberry.

Here it is looking ginormous even at the beginning of its' panicles forming.
I'll put it in the back.  It can go next to the stone wall garden or next the newly transplanted Hansa rose.

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