Friday, July 04, 2014

I Love Roses

What is it about them?  The romance, form, fragrance, abundance and longevity of blooms?  I have 19.  Here are what my favorites look like this year:

Livin' Easy.  Indeed.  It smells heavenly, blooms early, starts out soft orange then changes to a beautiful pinky-orange-coral color.  I never would have chosen this color due to my obsession with pink and white.  My dear friend Tina gave it to me when my beloved cat died. 

Lady Elsie May.  Never stops blooming.  It's a bright coral pink.  It's gotten HUGE.  I'm a "go big or go home" type of girl, so I don't prune it back.

Lovely Fairy Rose.  I don't know why I love the little clusters of blooms on fairy roses, but I have four of these in various colors.  This one is the biggest and best.  I love the carefree way it drapes.

And lastly, Dr. Huey, maybe because he came back from the dead.  If it's good enough to be rootstock for fancy roses, it's good enough for my garden.  It's a lovely, darkish red color, a rambler and only blooms once.
I'd like a couple more but I'm running out of room.  I want an heirloom rose that a local rosarian has offered free and another rugosa, for the hips for fall interest.  I have a serious rose addiction.


Hartwood Roses said...

There's just something about roses, isn't there. Nineteen is only a small start, my dear ... take the free rose and plant the Rugosa. There is always room for a few more.

An Urban Cottage said...

Elsie May is amazing!

There's always room for one more.

Durf said...

I love an enabler!

Durf said...

Yeah, she needs a lot of room, though. Another enabler, yeah!