Saturday, December 27, 2014


On Christmas Eve morning my buddy, Larry the Building Inspector, came for a framing inspection.  He said it looked good and my contractor did a nice job.  Ken had screwed some plywood on top because I complained that I was worried about liability when Julie the neighbor girl came knocking on the door, standing on the bench.  I was also tired of using it to enter with groceries and such.

Here's the framing:
Ken told me he was worried about a heavy snowfall collapsing the porch roof.  He installed screw jacks in place of the boards and will continue to turn it until the roof straightens out.  Apparently it had sunk quite a bit on top of the rotten framing.  Onto the decking, railing and apron.

Please note the painted trim (Benjamin Moore Ice Mist) and ceiling (BM Yarmouth Blue).  Preparing the ceiling for paint became quite a hobby this summer.  Here's the mildew-y before:
I won't be able to paint until spring but I can install my new light and fancy house numbers.

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