Monday, December 22, 2014

Miscellaneous Stuff

There's kind of a lot going on but I kind of don't feel like going into detail (lack of energy?).  Maybe I'll feel more like it when this stomach virus leaves my system.  I'm actually pretty healthy so when I get sick I'm a big baby.  This time I've been sleeping unbelievable amounts, which is weird since I'm usually an insomniac who is thankful for 6 hours a night.  Insomniacs can get a lot done but they're not always the most happy, optimistic, pleasant people in the world.  Like Martha Stewart.  And yours truly.

Anyway, Carly is enjoying the sun that comes in strong in the front of the house this time of year.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I got sick while no one around me did.  Things have been pretty stressful around here, for all of us.  First, I had to get rid of my wisteria and arbor in anticipation of getting my porch worked on.  Before:
Can anyone date this wisteria?  I'd be sad if it had been planted prior to the '40's.
That's the base.  There was another wisteria at the other corner of the porch but I had cut that way back, and then chopped it off this summer.

It all began when I started painting the trim and ceiling on the porch.  I had planned on just putting lipstick on the old pig but discovered that the metal pipe used as a footing in the front of the porch had rusted and broken in half.  Uh-oh.  So I realized the wisteria had to go, both to gain access for repairs and because the shrubs were too close to properly maintain the porch afterwards.

I was really torn about removing it.  Basically it's  beautiful about two weeks out of the year.  During the growing season it's a constant battle to keep it in bounds.  It had swallowed the arbor.  The arbor was leaning precariously and we couldn't right it.  But I was torn in that it offered a lot of privacy while sitting on the porch.  But I guess I've justified it by saying that I don't want the porch, for which I've gone into debt, to be hidden once it's rebuilt.

Sooooo . . . I came home Halloween night to quite the sight, and site.  My contractor had warned me that when they removed the decking in order to dig the footings, the framing basically fell apart because it was so rotted.  So much for trick or treating from the four new kids next door (they arrived in September).  I brought the candy over to them, not having a porch and all.

On my tiny front lawn there was a Bobcat and large work van parked amongst the roses and hydrangeas.  There was yellow caution tape, and a trailer in my driveway, and one in the parking area used by the house across the street.  Uh-oh, the other new neighbors had told me they were moving in on Halloween.  Bad timing all around.

Here's what was left:
Oh well.  At least it motivated me to paint the front door, which has been primed since last winter, I believe.  It's Benjamin Moore Purple Lotus.  I'm afraid it's too dark for most of the day.  And first on the list when I have some spare cash - new storm doors and shutters.

The poor cats have had to walk a tightrope.  The girls don't like their routine disrupted.  Nor does their mom.

Then the contractors removed the remaining framework and I put a bench under the door because I got sick of going out the walkout basement.  So what do I hear today but a knock on the door, with my 79-year-old mother climbing on it to get inside.  Now you know where I get my spunk (or is it bad judgment?).  She made me so nervous.  She just had a knee replacement a few years ago.  I convinced her to use the back entrance when she left.

Construction makes me so anxious, even though I really like and trust my contractor.  So for now I've found solace in re-reading the story by Steve at An Urban Cottage concerning his porch re-build.  Steve, did you ever post an "after" of the porches?  I can't seem to find them.

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